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Stockholm - October 2013

Sir Jon Keason is the alias of Swedish musician Erik Jonasson. Born and raised in Stockholm his musical carrier started as a trombone-player in an orchestra at the age of 9. As a teenager he discovered punk and grunge music and started to play guitar and bass in different bands.

As a guitarist in the bands Sons of Cyrus, The Locomotions and Murder by Guitar he toured many countries in Europe and released a whole bunch of 7-inches and albums. In Murder by Guitar he started to experiment with effect pedals and also started to play synth. The experiments resulted in a new love, the love for electronic sounds.

After Murder by Guitar split he started the electronic duo Zonen with Rikard Johansson. The music can be described (as someone stated)"the descendent of John Capenter & Giorgio Moroder in a modern musical costume".

If Zonen is what the description above says, Sir Jon Keason is the more techno interested cousin. The music is leaning towards more modern sounds and takes inspiration from current artist such as Gesaffelstein, Arnaud Rebotini and Marc Houle but also looks back to find inspiration in the New Wave-scene of the 80's.

The debut EP "Tech-No-No" was released October 21, 2013.

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