Ont Blod is released!

Ont Blod is now officially released! Listen to the tracks via soundcloud, bandcamp, iTunes, spotify.

You can also order the cassette edition from us! It has a beautiful risograph printed sleeve and the songs are mixed a little different than the digital release. Comes with download links too (if you want  to load your cool and modern gadget with some mp3’s). Win win! Order it here: zonenljud.bandcamp.com

"Ont Blod" - Zonen


Ont Blod – New release soon out

Yes, it’s been along wait but we’re now almost ready with our new release, ONT BLOD. We thought that  some of the songs were going to be released by a gentleman in England earlier this year but that didn’t happen so instead we’re releasing the songs as a cassette and a digital download. The tracks are:

  1. Ont Blod
  2. Slukhålet som svalde världen
  3. Dödens käftar
  4. De andra

The cassette will be a limited edition of 30 copies. The cover is a risograph print (thanks Tommy!) that looks absolutely beautiful. Release date will be published soon.

Ont blod


Sorry for the long silence. We have been working on new material for a new release, hopefully it will be released later this year on a very nice label. We’ll tell you more about it when we know all the details and when we know the releasedate. In the meantime, listen to a teaser fron the upcoming release again on soundcloud.


// Z

100 songs

Well helloooooooo there! Here in the Zonen HQ we’re still alive but have not been very active. Hopefully that will change soon…

Until something happen we want to share our own very special spotify-list. It’s the songs that Zonen really likes and also is inspired by. Here’s 100 songs that we hope that you also will enjoy as much as we do.

Summer is gone

You may think that nothing is happening in the Zonen HQ but then you are very wrong. We’ve spent the summer making music but maybe not so much the Zonen music. Rikard has been busy with his other band Meine Kleine Deutsche. They have been recording and also been playing a lot. If you haven’t heard them go check them out now (Facebook & Bandcamp).

Erik has been writing new stuff both for Zonen and for his aliases Sir Jon Keason and Erko. Expect a new release from both Zonen and Sir Jon Keason this autumn…

Here’s a teaser of one of our new songs called Dödens käftar: